Chaos Night Light

My brother and I were amateur inventors for a while. This is one variation of an LED, plug-in night light we designed. Originally designated as a ‘Light-It-Up’, the fixture includes a circuit board  with a fuse and four bright LEDs. The base is a hollowed out cherry wood block with four holes drilled on top. Acrylic rods distribute the light, and can take on many shapes and sizes.

Our concept was a low wattage, low heat, plug-in night light that could be left on. Plug it in and forget it. They last for years while consuming negligible power.

We sold some, but it did not take off like we hoped. It appeared that most people didn’t understand the benefit of having an always-on night lite for navigating dark spaces.

We created a number of versions, this is one of many.

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  1. I like this, not only because it’s beautiful- but because of the principles behind it. The idea that you can have a light just be on all the time is so human to me, so right in it’s own way.

    I envy your creativity.

    Keep being awesome my friend.

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