New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Giveaway – Entering the Beyond – March Blowout

This is a Great Selection of #FREE Sci-Fi / Fantasy ebooks.  ‘Entering the Beyond’ #Giveaway (Mar. 1st – 31st 2020)

The Prolific Works team is proud to present the ‘Entering the Beyond’ group giveaway! Select from a wide selection of SciFi and Fantasy to read on any device. Claim as many as you’d like and enjoy your new reads!

While you are there, Check out my short prequel: Al Clark-Christopher’s Journal.

What have you got to lose?

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Chris Excalibur Drawing


Wally (Updated)

This is the updated version of the drawing now included in my prequel to the AL CLARK Series. Best of all? The short story is FREE!

If you like good ‘Old-Fashioned’ Sci-Fi Adventure–something without a lot of war, politics or sex, you might like this series. Available in (eBook-Paperback-Audiobook)

FREE – Al Clark-Christopher’s Journal:

When you are trapped and alone, it helps to have a friend.

*The AL CLARK Series*

Al Clark (Book One):

Al Clark-Avalon (Book Two):

Al Clark-Thera (Book Three):

Al Clark-Earth (Book Four):

Holiday Games

This is the time of year when family gathers to celebrate. A great excuse to break out the board games, play football, or participate in any one of a thousand forms of entertainment.


How many games can you find?

Re-envisioning Christophers Journal

How do you make a story about a young man trapped on a deserted starship interesting? Whatever it takes.

I have given away hundreds of copies of this short story and received two reviews. So I asked myself why. I did everything I could to make the story hold a reader’s attention and still it appears I failed. My sister, who is an established author, read the story. She told me it was boring.

When there is one MC, and a ship, it’s difficult to make the tale memorable, so I did the only thing I could think of. Added another character. Have you ever tried to weave another character into an established book series? I have. It’s hurts the brain.

Completely revised, I am confident this story is a compelling prelude to the Al Clark Series. Included are four drawings to use as reference while reading the series.

Best of all, Al Clark-Christopher’s Journal is FREE almost everywhere!


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Vincent – New AudioBook Release

My newest audiobook is finally available. This makes Five. If you like listening to your SciFi, this is your opportunity to hear an Old-Fashioned Science Fiction Adventure.

He is not your everyday hero.

VINCENT by Jonathan G. Meyer – Narrated by John McLoughlin

Jim Thompson is having a bad year.

Last year, he celebrated his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, had a good job he liked, and a home for retirement he built himself.

This year, at fifty-four years of age; he is divorced, unemployed, and homeless.

Luckily, his fortune is about to make a radical change.

Enter Vincent, an extraterrestrial visitor with a crucial mission to save both our world and his, and a lesson on just how small Jim’s place in the universe is.

To help the alien and save two worlds, Jim must overcome his shortcomings to become the hero Vincent so desperately needs.

Available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


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