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Area 51-Syfy

MARCH 7th – 26th

I have the first two books in the Al Clark Series being featured in a giveaway on Get Free ebooks and samples of Science Fiction that can be read on any device. There are some great books available written by accomplished authors. Please take a look.

Al Clark (Book One) He wakes to a new reality, and a new life. Details of his past, including where he is and how he got there are beyond his recollection. It is the beginning of an adventure that will take him to places he could not have imagined, manage feats he would not have thought possible, and teach him the true value of friendship. Read the first few chapters for Free.

AI Clark_KindleCover_SM_RevisedAI Clark_Avalon_MED

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Area 51-Syfy Allen KuzaraArea 51-Syfy Andria Stone

Area 51-Syfy Rachel FordArea 51-Syfy David Mcgowan


Featured post

Tree Swing

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. I thought this piece was appropriate for creating the proper frame of mind. After snow and freezing rain and frigid temperatures, I am really looking forward to t-shirt weather. (Ink and Markers)

Space Cat

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

My selection for today has nothing to do with the Irish holiday, but it’s green.

For thousands of years cats have befriended us. Because of our special bond, I see no reason they won’t follow us into space. Here is a computer generated graphic of a possible home base for a cat aboard a space ship. It is from here the cat will control the mouse population. 🙂


To travel in space is, for the most part, boring. If the ship is operating properly, life consists of checklists and food. Similar to prison, the highlight of the day is mealtime. To make matters worse, space travel is time consuming – in more than one way. It is possible to take a six month journey and return home many years later. Who says time travel is not possible?

This acrylic painting asks the question: Do you even want to return home?

Distant Stars – SciFi Adventures Giveaway

Distant Stars - SciFi Adventures Giveaway

March 15 – March 31 – 2019
The first book in my Al Clark Series AL CLARK (Book One) as well as my standalone VINCENT is being offered in a FREE Promotion (Formerly Instafreebie).
If Science Fiction is your forte, this collection is for you. FREE Whole Books and Samples you can download and read on any device. Follow Al Clark’s Adventures…or pick through a great collection of books that are sure to satisfy your SciFi craving.

AI Clark_KindleCover_MED_Revised

Vincent_MED (1)

More great SciFi available in this promotion:

The Old West

Today’s post sticks to the Western theme. A *few years ago ( Art class in college), I created this rendition of a typical western town. Its inspiration comes from reading too many Western paperbacks.


A Night in the Old West

Al Clark-Earth (Book Four)

I am approaching 45,000 words in the next installment of the Al Clark Series. This is when Al will begin a third life and discover the details of his first, before his ill-fated amnesia and prior to starting his new life aboard the Starship Excalibur. It’s the culmination of many threads, which is why it is taking so long to finish. This is the official excuse I am adopting.

To hold you over, here is another piece of art. It’s an overhead view of a gathering place for settlers on the way to conquering the West. (Ink and Copic Markers)

In the meantime – please download the Al Clark Series and prepare for the Grande Finale.

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My Amazon Author Page:

FREE Giveaway

In a few short months I will celebrate five years as a published author. The experience has been; enlightening, educational, addictive, and–at times–frustrating. After a lifetime of work and raising a family, I finally managed to write some of the stories that percolated in my mind all my life. At sixty years of age I wrote Al Clark (Book One), and believed I had a good grasp of the English language. What I learned was that I had a lot to learn. There are words that have more than one meaning. Different meanings can be described with a multitude of words, all with a slightly different interpretation. In five years my vocabulary has expanded, my word choice has improved, and my imaginings have become easier to portray. In short, it’s been quite the adventure.

Each book has been revised several times, as my skill progressed, leading to increasingly better reviews. My favored genre is Science Fiction, and I’ve published four books to date.

Two or three chapter samples are available for FREE on Take a chance and see what you think. Download and read on any device.

AI Clark_KindleCover_SM_Revised

AL CLARK (Book One) A Sci-Fi Adventure

AI Clark_Avalon_MED

AL CLARK-Avalon (Book Two)

AI Clark_Thera_MED (1)

AL CLARK-Thera (Book Three)

Vincent_MED (1)

VINCENT – An unusual hero

Death Star

I created this years ago when Star Wars was big. It is an ink drawing that has been reversed. This death machine has the same fatal flaw as the original. As they say in the movie, “Remain on target.”

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