The Lite-It-Up Project

It was a simple concept. A 4 inch block of wood with a large bole drilled in the bottom for an LED circuit board and four 1/4 inch holes drilled through the top. Acrylic rods dispersed the lite.

The 2 inch circuit board included 4 high output LEDs, a fuse, and a cord that plugged into a 120v outlet. The current draw is so low there is no heat generated, allowing the night-lite to remain plugged in at all times. (No batteries to change, and lasts for years.)

In the beginning we used acrylic rods to ‘Light things up.’

Spaceship under lite-it-up

From there it evolved into many variations. Here are some of the ones I’m most proud of.

Collection of lite-it-ups

Gazebo 1Gazebo 2

Barn 2

Would you like to see more of the Lite-It-Up Project? As part of our marketing efforts, I took a lot of photos. I don’t mind sharing.

My brother and I were amateur inventors for a while. This is one variation of an LED, plug-in night light we designed. Originally designated as a ‘Light-It-Up’, the fixture includes a circuit board  with a fuse and four bright LEDs. The base is a hollowed out cherry wood block with four holes drilled on top. Acrylic rods distribute the light, and can take on many shapes and sizes.

Our concept was a low wattage, low heat, plug-in night light that could be left on. Plug it in and forget it. They last for years while consuming negligible power.

We sold some, but it did not take off like we hoped. It appeared that most people didn’t understand the benefit of having an always-on night lite for navigating dark spaces.

We created a number of versions, this is one of many.

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