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Al Clark (Book One)

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Alien Conquest

I thought something to invoke a smile would be appropriate for a Monday.

Not that I mind Mondays – I’m retired, so they’re all the same to me. It’s the ones trying to work their way through another start to the week I’m thinking of.

Not all invasions go as planned. Time for plan B.

I was blessed/cursed with a knack for repairing mechanical things.

My first car was a well used black and white 1957 Chevy. It had a six cylinder engine and a column shift. I didn’t have it long before it was replaced with something I thought was better. All these years later — I wish I’d spent more time with that car. It was, after all, my first.

I’ve had a lot of vehicles since then. Most of them well used. Although many only required a good cleaning and a little care, others were meant to be driven into the ground.

Even though the vehicle I have included in this post is before my time, I am still fascinated by what makes it work. Believe it or not, this was created on an old program called Visio.

My brother and I were amateur inventors for a while. This is one variation of an LED, plug-in night light we designed. Originally designated as a ‘Light-It-Up’, the fixture includes a circuit board  with a fuse and four bright LEDs. The base is a hollowed out cherry wood block with four holes drilled on top. Acrylic rods distribute the light, and can take on many shapes and sizes.

Our concept was a low wattage, low heat, plug-in night light that could be left on. Plug it in and forget it. They last for years while consuming negligible power.

We sold some, but it did not take off like we hoped. It appeared that most people didn’t understand the benefit of having an always-on night lite for navigating dark spaces.

We created a number of versions, this is one of many.

Al Clark-Earth (Book Four)

At last, the first draft of the newest addition to the Al Clark Series is complete. I struggled toward the end, but persevered. No good story will allow me to quit. Now begins the task of proofreading before sending it out to be edited. This is the fun part. The story is recorded. That is what counts.

Easter Egg Hunt

It is traditional in America to dye hard-boiled eggs and hide them in the yard for the kids to find. I don’t believe the kids care why we do this. Their true mission is searching for the eggs with candy or money inside.

(Cut Paper, Ink, and Markers) by Jonathan G. Meyer

I must admit I was inspired be Madagascar (The Movie)

Imagine shipping yourself to Africa.

Snowy Meadow

Happy Sunday!

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and Spring has sprung. Two days ago it was seventy degrees in St. Louis. Today we are expecting snow. This painting reminds us of what we are leaving behind, and that summer is coming.

(Oil on Canvas)

Tropical Fish

These colorful denizens of the deep make scuba diving worthwhile, and provide food for many species. If we are not careful there may be none left to admire.

(Ink, Markers, Cut Paper–and a little computer magic)

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