Two Bird Bird Nest

My sister and brother-in-law love to watch the birds. They have a courtyard with bird feeders and flowering plants all about. When I see them sitting in their comfortable chairs on this patio, I think they are the birds, and their personal piece of paradise is the nest.

(Cut Paper and Markers)

Country Tree Swing

I apologize for not posting much in the last few days. I have been focusing my efforts on completing book four in my Al Clark Series. I thought I would post this version of a tree swing done in oil paint. This was during my Bob Ross phase.

Picture yourself swinging under this tree on a warm spring morning and you WILL feel better.

Snowy Meadow

Happy Sunday!

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and Spring has sprung. Two days ago it was seventy degrees in St. Louis. Today we are expecting snow. This painting reminds us of what we are leaving behind, and that summer is coming.

(Oil on Canvas)

Alien Life

Somewhere in the universe there is another planet with life. Although it may not be animal life, it is life in preparation of creatures that crawl, walk, and stand . This oil painting is my interpretation of plant life on another world – patiently waiting for the people that will abuse or adapt them for their own purposes.

Spring Forward

With the time change comes the anticipation for Spring. Say goodbye to freezing rain and snow, and embrace the coming change. To celebrate this day, I have posted a painting of what we leave behind. (Oil on Canvas)

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