Al Clark-Earth Audiobook Boom FREE Promotion (8/20/2019)

Beginning tomorrow (08/20/2019) Al Clark-Earth (Book Four, the Fourth Book in the Al Clark Series, will be featured in an Audiobook Boom Promotion. If your preference is to listen to your books, this is your opportunity to get a FREE CODE for the audio version of Al Clark-Earth. Simply go to my book’s page on to add your request.

All I ask is an honest review when you finish the book.

I have done Audiobook Book Promotions with my previous editions in the series, and it helped to introduce the Al Clark Series to the world. I am excited to be sending out the FREE Codes for this latest addition to the series.


Jonathan G. Meyer

Al Clark-Earth Audiobook is Live!

The final installment to the Al Clark Series is now available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio formats, as is all the books in the Al Clark Series. If your preference is listening to your Science Fiction, now you can hear the complete series through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Al Clark-Earth (Book Four)

Seventy-four years after leaving Earth, Al Clark returns home after an extended absence. His wife has passed away, the kids have moved on, and he has decided to leave the colony they founded to discover his forgotten past.

To make the journey easier he arranged to sleep during the journey. It was a good plan, only that is not what happens.

Narrated by the acclaimed John McLoughlin, this tale will explain everything you wanted to know concerning the man called Al Clark.


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