Sea Monster and Friends

Everyone has heard of the Lockness Monster. This is not him. This creature is friendly, and gives tired birds a ride until they can continue their journey. If someone spots him –  the birds are on their own.

(Cut-Paper and Markers)

Elephant in the Bush

I imagine elephants are practicing more stealth these days, even though it’s hard for an elephant to hide. The next time you are in the jungle, and there are wild elephants around, look deep into the bushes. That is where they like to hide…. and when you shoot them…. use a camera.

(Cut Paper, Ink and Markers)

The Great Starship, Rama

My tribute to a Sci-Fi legend.

“It was at this point that the computers began flashing their ‘We have something interesting’ sign, and, for the first time, 31/439 came to the attention of human beings. There was a brief flurry of excitement at SPACEGUARD Headquarters, and the interstellar vagabond was quickly dignified with a name instead of a mere number. Long ago, the astronomers had exhausted Greek and Roman mythology; now they were working through the Hindu pantheon. And so 31/439 was christened Rama.” (Arthur C. Clarke – Rendezvous with Rama)


Mechanical Bird Series 4

The Red Bird was the first of the series I created. I liked it so much that I had to draw the others. Some might call this an early version of a modern drone; without cameras or armament. This bird won’t spy or harm you.

Mechanical Bird Series 3

This piece is the third in a series of five. Birds are known for their song – this contraption is no exception. Wind it up and hear it sing.

If you ‘Like’ this one, the best are yet to come.

Mechanical Bird Series 2

This is the second drawing in my series. He is about to take-off, so be prepared to duck.

I really enjoyed creating this series. The bright colors and crisp lines, combined with the mechanical aspects, made for an interesting project.

Mechanical Bird Series

I have always had an affinity for all things mechanical. I’ve hung both aluminum and vinyl siding on houses. I’ve worked in a cabinet shop. I have built houses. I was a commercial electrician for twenty-three years. Because of my varied life experience, many things catch my interest. Steampunk machines fascinate me.

This is the first piece in a series of five original mechanical birds. I will post more as time goes by. Wind it up and watch it fly.

Created with Copic Markers.

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