Luck Dragon

Part Leprechaun, part Dragon, this little guy can reward your interset with both good and bad karma. When he laughs, he sets things afire. Completely by accident – of course.

(Ink and Copic Markers)

Easter Egg Hunt

It is traditional in America to dye hard-boiled eggs and hide them in the yard for the kids to find. I don’t believe the kids care why we do this. Their true mission is searching for the eggs with candy or money inside.

(Cut Paper, Ink, and Markers) by Jonathan G. Meyer

Tropical Fish

These colorful denizens of the deep make scuba diving worthwhile, and provide food for many species. If we are not careful there may be none left to admire.

(Ink, Markers, Cut Paper–and a little computer magic)

Caribbean Cottage

Need a Vacation?

This piece was an experiment when I began using Copic markers. Cartooning holds a special place in my heart, and I’ve always thought this would be a great place to write that bestseller.

Cat Stalking Flowers (Reversed)

There is black, and there is white. Many times there are shades of gray. This is not one of those instances. Sometimes it’s better to simplify life and think in polar opposites.

Does it really matter if it’s a black cat, or a white one. Maybe, in an alternate universe, this version is the original.

(Cut Paper, Ink and Markers – Magically reversed with digital incantations)

Cat Stalking Flowers

Welcome to Spring

Have you ever watched a cat as it stalks its prey. My sister and brother-in-law have a cat that brings its catch inside and drops it at their feet as a tribute. Usually the poor creature is still alive, requiring a catch and release that would fit perfectly into the script of any TV comedy.

This was created using cut paper, ink, and markers.


My post for today is an early drawing I created on a paper plate. There are many varieties of spaceports, this one requires a spacesuit and gravity boots.

(Ink and Markers on a paper plate)

Covered Bridge

Today’s post is an old fashioned covered bridge. If you were riding a horse or taking a wagon to town, and it was pouring down rain, this shelter might come in handy.

Nowadays, we simply roll up the window and keep going. Those were simpler days, with a different take on time.

(Ink and Markers) by Jonathan G. Meyer

Old Stone Bridge

Bridges come in many styles and sizes. This is an old stone bridge designed to allow access to both sides of a tranquil stream; bridging the two halves of a divided landscape. We, in a divided society, need more bridges. (Ink and Copic Markers)



Automobiles reflect our culture. There are good cars and bad cars. This is a good one.

(Ink and Markers)

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