Finished Picture Frame

When I am not writing, I like to work on various projects. This is the latest.

I posted earlier about a frame I made for one of my daughters paintings. After some thought and a few opinions I opted to match the frame with the background of the piece.

Normally, I shy away from covering new wood with paint. It this case, I varied from the norm. Everything else left the painting wanting. I wanted to see if I could make an inexpensive frame that complimented the work, and I believe I succeeded.

The Lite-It-Up Project

It was a simple concept. A 4 inch block of wood with a large bole drilled in the bottom for an LED circuit board and four 1/4 inch holes drilled through the top. Acrylic rods dispersed the lite.

The 2 inch circuit board included 4 high output LEDs, a fuse, and a cord that plugged into a 120v outlet. The current draw is so low there is no heat generated, allowing the night-lite to remain plugged in at all times. (No batteries to change, and lasts for years.)

In the beginning we used acrylic rods to ‘Light things up.’

Spaceship under lite-it-up

From there it evolved into many variations. Here are some of the ones I’m most proud of.

Collection of lite-it-ups

Gazebo 1Gazebo 2

Barn 2

Would you like to see more of the Lite-It-Up Project? As part of our marketing efforts, I took a lot of photos. I don’t mind sharing.

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