Luck Dragon

Part Leprechaun, part Dragon, this little guy can reward your interset with both good and bad karma. When he laughs, he sets things afire. Completely by accident – of course.

(Ink and Copic Markers)

Elephant in the Bush

I imagine elephants are practicing more stealth these days, even though it’s hard for an elephant to hide. The next time you are in the jungle, and there are wild elephants around, look deep into the bushes. That is where they like to hide…. and when you shoot them…. use a camera.

(Cut Paper, Ink and Markers)

European Town

While in the military I spent two years stationed outside Stuttgart Germany, where I was given the opportunity to spend my weekends as a tourist. One of the first things I did was buy a cheap car, of which turned out to be the first of many. My friends and I did a lot of touristing. We created memories impossible to forget.

I have walked or driven through a number of arches such as the one depicted in this ink and colored pencil drawing.

My guess is most of these charming little towns are timeless, and look very similar today.

Old Stone Bridge

Bridges come in many styles and sizes. This is an old stone bridge designed to allow access to both sides of a tranquil stream; bridging the two halves of a divided landscape. We, in a divided society, need more bridges. (Ink and Copic Markers)


Tower Princess

She waits for her prince without complaint

Dreaming of a day without restraint

Maybe today she will be freed

Her failing hope feeds the need.

Jonathan G. Meyer

(Ink and Markers)



Automobiles reflect our culture. There are good cars and bad cars. This is a good one.

(Ink and Markers)

Starship One

Have you ever dreamed of building your own spacecraft? I’ll bet you have. Although this version lacks the streamlined stainless steel construction and crew abort module, the ride would be one to remember. Powered by Bottle Rockets. (Ink and Markers)

This is an illustration created for childrens’ rooms.

Cottage by the Sea

Have you ever wanted to live in a cottage by the sea? The sound of the surf and cries of the seagulls speak of a quiet solitude ideal for reading or writing. Maybe it’s a retreat for the summer months, or a beloved year-round residence. Regardless, it is a place for deep contemplation and enlightenment. (Ink and Markers)

Tree Swing

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. I thought this piece was appropriate for creating the proper frame of mind. After snow and freezing rain and frigid temperatures, I am really looking forward to t-shirt weather. (Ink and Markers)

The Old West

Today’s post sticks to the Western theme. A *few years ago ( Art class in college), I created this rendition of a typical western town. Its inspiration comes from reading too many Western paperbacks.


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