Super Doodle #1

When I don’t have it in me to write – I draw. It keeps the old brain focused. This is something I’ve been working on for about a week off and on. I call it a Super Doodle. Incorporating all the different elements into the drawing was fun, although taxing. My Sakura Micron pens allowed me to blend at least 26 unique components into the piece, with some areas that are three dimensional. To tell the truth, I’m pleased with the end result.

How many scenes, objects, and creatures can you locate?

Covered Bridge

Today’s post is an old fashioned covered bridge. If you were riding a horse or taking a wagon to town, and it was pouring down rain, this shelter might come in handy.

Nowadays, we simply roll up the window and keep going. Those were simpler days, with a different take on time.

(Ink and Markers) by Jonathan G. Meyer

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