Cat Stalking Flowers (Reversed)

There is black, and there is white. Many times there are shades of gray. This is not one of those instances. Sometimes it’s better to simplify life and think in polar opposites.

Does it really matter if it’s a black cat, or a white one. Maybe, in an alternate universe, this version is the original.

(Cut Paper, Ink and Markers – Magically reversed with digital incantations)

Cat Stalking Flowers

Welcome to Spring

Have you ever watched a cat as it stalks its prey. My sister and brother-in-law have a cat that brings its catch inside and drops it at their feet as a tribute. Usually the poor creature is still alive, requiring a catch and release that would fit perfectly into the script of any TV comedy.

This was created using cut paper, ink, and markers.

Space Cat

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

My selection for today has nothing to do with the Irish holiday, but it’s green.

For thousands of years cats have befriended us. Because of our special bond, I see no reason they won’t follow us into space. Here is a computer generated graphic of a possible home base for a cat aboard a space ship. It is from here the cat will control the mouse population. 🙂

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