Elephants are Faithful

This is my tribute to Dr. Suess and Horton Hatches the Egg. I read this book to my kids, my grandkids, and even a few nieces and nephews. If only we could all follow his example.

Maysie is a party bird. It’s a darn good thing Horton was there.

Sea Monster and Friends

Everyone has heard of the Lockness Monster. This is not him. This creature is friendly, and gives tired birds a ride until they can continue their journey. If someone spots him –  the birds are on their own.

(Cut-Paper and Markers)

Two Bird Bird Nest

My sister and brother-in-law love to watch the birds. They have a courtyard with bird feeders and flowering plants all about. When I see them sitting in their comfortable chairs on this patio, I think they are the birds, and their personal piece of paradise is the nest.

(Cut Paper and Markers)

Mechanical Bird Series

I have always had an affinity for all things mechanical. I’ve hung both aluminum and vinyl siding on houses. I’ve worked in a cabinet shop. I have built houses. I was a commercial electrician for twenty-three years. Because of my varied life experience, many things catch my interest. Steampunk machines fascinate me.

This is the first piece in a series of five original mechanical birds. I will post more as time goes by. Wind it up and watch it fly.

Created with Copic Markers.

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