A Curious Orb

A year after I began, the first draft of – A Curious Orb – is finally complete. It is a historically-based Science Fiction story of a boy who inherits an ancient artifact on his eighteeth birthday. For generations the orb has been passed down from generation to generation. Considered a curiosity, the four inch silver sphere has never done more than open like a flower to present a blue button, which when pressed does nothing–until Daniel.

The journey he is sent on defies distance and time, placing him smack in the middle of a bronze-age revolution. The people he meets and the troubles he helps them solve will change his life more than he could ever have imagined.

I am very proud of this book, my seventh attempt at creating a story any sci-fi fan can enjoy. Editing is in progress as well as the artwork needed for covers and promotion. The cover included in this post is the current iteration to date. I am not done yet, but I am so close – stay tuned.

Books by Jonathan G. Meyer:

The Al Clark Series (One through Five)


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