Al Clark-Christopher’s Journal Excerpt

AS a small sample of my writing style, here is a little snippet from the book. This book is currently – FREE almost everywhere.

The Central Hub is the inside of a one hundred foot sphere. Four spokes come from the ring to deliver passengers to the hub, and access to the rest of the ship. It is dark when you arrive and only lights up when you step outside the lift. It’s a little disorienting to watch the four spoke lift indicator lights revolving around the black stationary hub until you get used to it. It got much easier when the lights came on.

I didn’t waste much time on the view and pushed myself toward the circular hatch labeled; BRIDGE. It was the best place to find out what was going on. What we used to call ‘flying’ comes naturally to me. It’s a skill I excelled at in training. For a few moments I enjoyed floating effortlessly across the hub until I tried my card and nothing happened. I tried again after a closer look at the control panel, which looked the same as all the others. It did not work, which meant the key card is a limited access card.

Before the enormity of what this meant overwhelmed me, I launched myself across the hub to the identical hatch labeled: MAIN SHIP, where Howee Sandor’s card failed me again—repeatedly. For some reason, Howee is only allowed access to the habitat ring and hub. Nowhere else. For the time being, unless I can find a better card, I’m trapped in the habitat wheel.

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