An Introduction to Jonathan G. Meyer

For those that don’t know me, I am a retired commercial electrician with a lifelong passion for art and the sciences. I can’t say how many books I’ve read, but I was the kind of kid that carried a paperback in my back pocket. One of my earliest memories included the adventures of the Hardy Boys, which means I am no longer a kid. Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate westerns, mysteries, thrillers, and some horror. With that said, my absolute favorite is Science Fiction

I love the futuristic tone of science fiction, and the way it relates to what we consider ‘Modern Times.’ Many inventions of today were dreamed up in a writer’s mind years ago. Everyone dreams of the future, some write it down.

At the age of sixty I wrote my first published novel, Al Clark, and now I can’t stop. Five years on has led to publishing a trilogy of books in the Al Clark Series, and a standalone titled ‘Vincent.’

My work in progress is a sequel to the Al Clark Series where Al and Robot Nine strike out in a whole new adventure. There will be new spacecraft, new tech, and interesting new characters.

On occasion, I plan on posting some of my artwork here. As I mentioned earlier, I also love art. Here is a sample:

Thanks for your interest! Check back again to see what else I might post.

Jonathan G. Meyer – Website:


Blockhead Space Port_regular scan_Customer

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