Al Clark-Earth (Book Four)

Al Clark goes Home

The positive response for my Al Clark Trilogy has caused me to feel I should continue the story. I’m unsure what a four book series is called, (Quartet? Quadrilogy? Forligy?) I don’t know, so I will henceforth refer to them as the ‘Al Clark Series.’

There were vital details left unexplored in the previous installments; such as Al’s first life. The details of where he came from and how his second life began will be addressed in this sequel. Al is determined to discover where he came from.

Al Clark lived a good life on Thera, with a loving wife and family in a thriving colonial town. His marriage lasted thirty-two years. When the kids left to explore elsewhere and his wife died, he decided to move on; booking passage on a freighter back to Earth. His plan was to sleep through the trip, only this is Al Clark. His plans are meant to be changed.

Currently, I have passed forty thousand words of the first draft and the story is coming together. There are a lot of strings to tie together. My hope is to publish by the end of summer. We’ll see.

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